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Gentle mindful movement, Yin & restorative Yoga, pranayama, meditation & Yoga Nidra mini retreat day with Emma, including Cacao (optional) and homemade vegan food

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** This is suitable for all levels and abilities.

We will be focusing on replenishing your mind body and soul, with gentle mindful movement working on the joints creating tapas (heat) within the body to help remove toxins and anything that’s stagnant within the body. Also allowing you to really feel & listen to your body, so you get to know it on a deeper level.

Moving into some deeper stretches using Yin postures, working into the fascia/a thin case of connective tissue. A healthy fascia will allow your tendons to slide more smoothly and help activate muscular contraction, providing more power and strength.

We will end the Asana part of the day with some restorative Yoga, Restorative yoga allows us to relearn the art of relaxation while developing the skills and abilities to self-soothe. It enhances our healing capacity through helping us regulate the stress response and re-balance the nervous system.

We will use pranayama during the practice, Pranayama is the yogic practice of focusing on breath. Yoga breath is associated with the prana (energy/life force), thus, pranayama is a means to elevate the prana shakti, or life energies. The goal of pranayama is to strengthen the connection between your body and mind, It’s also proven to support multiple aspects of physical health, including lung function, blood pressure, and brain function.

We will then go into meditation When we sit to meditate, we are looking after ourselves in ways that might not at first seem obvious. The benefits of meditation are numerous and varied, and supported by science. Many people start meditating to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and to cultivate peace of mind. But there are thousands of studies documenting other less-known mindfulness meditation benefits, which can have a positive impact on mental, physical, and emotional health.

Followed by a yummy Yoga Nidra When you start Yoga Nidra, your brain is generally in an active state of beta waves, a natural transitional experience as you start to slow down and press pause on your day. The meditative practice then takes you into an alpha state, the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with the subconscious mind. When the state of deep relaxation is achieved, the benefits of this yogic practice can be seen as superior to ordinary rest. Research shows that one hour of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to a four hours of sleep. While traditional meditation puts all awareness on a single focus, Yoga Nidra guides you through entire layers to reach your Atman or true self. By working through each kosha, you can descend deeper, and this depth simply cannot be achieved in meditation's waking state.

Before starting all this you have the option to drink lady Cacao Ceremonial Cacao invites you on a journey, to travel with the chocolate spirit through the veil, but only if you choose. It does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates your own. Ceremonial cacao is therefore an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher and facilitator. She is the forgotten plant medicine that assists you with the journey into your heart. Cacao was known to the Ancient Mayans as a powerful heart opener and potent healer. Perfect for deepening your yoga and meditation practice! Cacao gives us an opportunity to move towards the fullest expression of who we truly are…and this can be catalytic in removing barriers in all areas of your life; relationships, career, personal growth, creativity, or wherever your focus is. Ultimately, cacao can help deepen your connection to your heart, and expand your capacity to love and be loved. When drinking cacao, 40 minutes later you will experience around 40-60% more blood flow to the brain and an increase in heart rate, taking us from the head to the heart. Cacao helps your body process nitric oxide which enhances blood circulation and improves the cardiovascular system. Increased blood flow brings increased oxygen, nutrients and prana (life energy) to our mental space. How to prepare: Before the mini retreat day it’s recommend that you do not eat or drink coffee for at least four hours. This is so that the cacao can be quickly and easily absorbed enabling you to go deeper into your journey. Please drink plenty of water both before and after the ceremony to stay hydrated. A good way to ground the energy if you are feeling floaty or spacey after the ceremony is to have a nourishing warm meal, which I’ll be provided at the end.

IMPORTANT Cacao is safe to drink however please make me aware if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you are taking anti-depressants or any other medication
  • If you have a heart condition as cacao increases the blood flow to the brain and heart by at least 40%
  • If you are pregnant as we will give you a smaller dose

I’m so excited to be sharing this day with you

Namaste Emma xx


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