Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga at Carlyon Bay Beach with Emma

Beach Yoga is on most Saturday’s at 10am on Carlyon bay beach starting from Saturday 11th of May, It’s £10 cash investment per person & under 14s are half price.

Please bring your own mat or towel to practice on, wear sun cream if hot. You may need something warm for Savasana/relaxation.

Also if you fancy joining us for a sea swim after practice bring something to wear & to get dry with.

Please listen to your body & take the practice at any level that suits you, rest when you need to and always remember “you are your own best teacher” I’m guiding you through your practice & everything I say is an invitation.

Yoga by the sea stimulates and improves your metabolism, as well as benefitting the serotonin levels in the brain. Studies show that exercising on an unstable surface, like a sandy beach, strengthens the secondary muscles of feet, hips, knees and shoulder joints. Beach yoga also clears your mind and heart. The warmth of the sand, sound of the waves, smell of the ocean, and the gentleness of the wind can all help bring you to a calmer, more peaceful place. Helping with our physical and mental body, reconnecting the mind body and breath.

See you on the beach

Namaste Emma x

* Please check - Saturday morning just in case I’ve had to cancel due to the weather changing.

Yoga by the beach: it sounds idyllic, right? Of course!!

While beach yoga may make you feel like you’re on holiday, it has plenty of health benefits too. Taking your practice to the beach can help you challenge yourself, protect your body, deepen your poses, feel better about life and even recover faster.

Benefits of Beach Yoga:

1. Enhance Your Creativity: Exercising outside can greatly enhance your creative mind. All exercise in general is a creativity enhancer. The parts of your brain that become activated during exercise can help to enhance creativity.

2. Deepen Your Relaxation: Exercising outdoors can help you become even more relaxed than when you exercise indoors. The simple act of communing with nature can have extremely positive effects on the nervous system. This coupled with the relaxing sounds of the ocean, the soothing sounds of the ocean breeze and even a few peaceful birds chirping, can greatly help you to relax as you’re in child’s pose or warrior pose. Simply feeling the wind on your face can help you relax too. It can also help you cool down a bit after an extremely vigorous session.

3. Commune with Nature: It’s important to commune with nature. We humans forget about this sometimes. We’d rather be cuddled under a blanket in front of the television than we would against a nice sturdy tree in the forest. Yet sometimes we need to get back into nature. Feeling the grass under your toes, the sand in your feet and the fresh air on your skin can all help your body in different ways.

4. Sea Air: Breathing in the sea air has many health benefits that are only enhanced with yoga, enjoying all of the benefits of the sea air. Your body can actually absorb oxygen easier thanks to the negative ions that are present in the ocean air. These negative ions can also help naturally boost your serotonin, which can help you feel more relaxed and happier during your yoga session. As an added bonus, salt also has antibacterial properties. This means that you’ll be able to recover faster from any infections or bacteria that you may have picked up.

5. Vitamin D: Any exercise that you do outside is going to give you a huge boost in vitamin D, even on a cloudy day. Vitamin D is essential for regulating the calcium and phosphate in your body. You need plenty of this vitamin to feel happy and healthy. A lack of vitamin D is associated with autoimmune diseases, such as MS. Any exercises that promotes vitamin D will help you feel better about your workout overall. Vitamin D can also help keep your bones and muscles healthy, which is an important part of any yogi’s fitness routine.

6. Increased Mood Support: One of the greatest benefits of yoga is increased mood support. Many people start doing yoga because they want the mental benefits in addition to the health benefits. Yet taking your practice outside and to the beach can help enhance your mood even faster. Experts believe that going outside for only a mere five minutes more per day can help boost your mood by 50%. Imagine what an improvement a 60minute yoga class could make on your mood. Human beings were made to be outside. It’s only within the past few thousand years that we began spending most of our time indoors. Heading out to the beach for your yoga class can make you feel even happier at the end of your 60 minutes.

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Doing yoga in a setting you’re not used to can help you get out of your comfort zone. When you do yoga in a setting that you’re not used to, you start learning things about your practice you never noticed before. You may notice your body reacting to a pose in a different way. Or, you might feel completely different about a pose you normally love or hate. Getting out of your comfort zone can help you look at the world (and your yoga practice) through different eyes.

8. Sand Support: While supporting yourself on the sand might add a little challenge to your workout, you’ll get the relaxed benefit of having a soft cushion of support underneath you too. You might want to try out a few more challenging poses on the beach because you won’t need to worry about falling on a hard wooden floor if you happen to get one wrong. The sand can also help to support you in different poses. Anytime you’re sitting on the sand, you may find your hips and bottom supported by soft sand. In a yoga studio, you’d need to surround yourself with blankets and bolsters to get that kind of support.

The practice is 60 minutes, it includes; a warm up, stretching, gentle flow and a lovely savasana (relaxation) with the sound of the waves and nature.

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