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The day involves **Cacao - Healing - Guided Meditation - Drumming - Poetry - Dancing - Mantra & more**

After hosting Cacao Ceremonies for the past 10 years, creating his own Cacao Teacher Training Course and finally in December 2021 launching his own Cacao Brand FULL POWER CACAO you could say Liam Browne has been instrumental in raising the profile of Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the UK and the magical benefits it possesses. You could also say Liam is hitting all the right spots in the heart centred world of Cacao by infusing all his love, passion and talents into his teaching and sending his team of Cacao Training Graduates out into the world to do the same. He now wants to bring Cacao to the masses! That’s why this UK Tour is so important to him, to not only allow people to experience the master of Ceremony himself at work with his beautiful medicine Cacao but also to raise the profile of his FULL POWER CACAO movement so each person can start feeling amazing as the goodness of every cup of Cacao adds massive value to their lives.

We are on the cusp of a revolution into a more heart centred world and whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and returns us all to harmony. The time is now, so we invite you to share its magic, experience and take your own journey to the next level by joining us for Ceremony and Cacao at ELM Yoga in 2024. We assure you it is not an experience to be missed!!! Liam’s mission is to empower people to their own personal greatness. He has so many tools in his box (Drumming, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Counselling, Yogic Philosophy, Sound Healing, Kirtan and Mantra and Magical Healing Abilities) to make sure divine magic happens every time he holds space.

So come join us, you are the person you have been waiting for and we can’t wait to see the true you step forward in 2024. Aho!!!!

Liam x

Investment £65

** The last events at ELM Yoga have been epic and so transformational, big shifts and healings!!

What is Cacao you might ask = Think yummy pure, silky, natural “hot” chocolate that heals & nourishes you.


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